5 Reason For Puffy Face And Swollen Face

5 Reason For Puffy Face And Swollen Face-It is very fun to wake up at night, but sometimes on the feet rising in the morning, you look beautiful on your face and eyes, then it should not be disturbed. Many people believe that it is done by cutting a black whip, though This swelling becomes painful as there is a number of reasons for swelling on the face as well as in the morning.


5 Reason For Puffy Face And Swollen Face

Causes of conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is a kind of infection of the eyes, due to which your eyes and face are swollen, and with it the eyes are itching and the eyes become red, these allergies usually go into the eyes of perfumes, cosmetics, pollen particles, smoke etc. The reason is. Sleep the night while sleeping on your bed as it may also be due to your sleeping bed.

Due to fatigue and excessive crying

The reason for the swelling of the eyes and the face may be the lack of sleep or the cry of the night; if you do not sleep well at night, its effect is most visible on your eyes, and after this, on your mind, at least Take 7 hours of sleep.

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More sugar or salt intake

Yes, you heard your right. This may be one of the reasons for the swelling of your face and eyes.Many times, if you start using a special sugar or shawl, you can start using it as soon as you start using water in your body's tubes.And the rest of the place starts swelling. One reason for this is that you drink less water because tissues often stop water, when water level decreases in the body.

Sinus Infection

Infections in the sinus can also cause swelling in your face and eyes.The special thing is that even its symptoms are similar to those of general allergic symptoms.Sinus infections cause swelling in the membrane of sinus.Due to sinus, pus or sputum is filled in the air space, due to which the sinus is stopped, due to this you can get your head and face swollen, if it is so, contact the doctor immediately.

Cause allergies

Due to the presence of swelling on face and eyes this may also be due to the changing weather due to self-absorption on your face.There are many symptoms in addition to swelling such as swelling, sneezing, sneezing, coughing Grow, swelling of the eyes etc.

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