Breast Cancer Symptoms And Signs- Breast Cancer Care

Breast Cancer Symptoms And Signs- Breast Cancer Care:

When there is a mutation in the genes that control the development of cells, then it gets cancer(France)
Normal tissue in the breast cancer is made in lobules of cancer of the breast or in the ducts. These are both the glands that make milk, which make Milk from Glands to Nipples.

Types Of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Symptoms And Signs

There are many tips of breast cancer types, it is up to you that you have the type of type of breast cancer:

1.DCIS(Ductal carcinoma in situ): This type of cancer does not cure cancer cells in another. If you have DCIS linking the breast, the dots change and cancer starts to feel like.

2. Angiosarcoma: Who lives in breast cancer in breast cancer is called Angiosarcoma

3.Phyllodes: This is a very rare type of cancer that occurs in the connective tissues(axillary breast tissue) of the breast.

4.Paget Disease Of The Nipple
5.Triple Negative Breast Cancer
6.Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast Cancer

There is no sign of this cancer in the beginning. The first sign breast to be found in the tumor is given when there is no tumor before it is seen, then every tumor is called breast cancer. This is not necessary, but you should have seen it that is going to show to the doctor. needed.

1. Nipple bleeding
2. Removal of skin or breast skin 3. Breast changes in skin
3. Swelling in the outside
4. Change the size of the gallstones
6. Breast swelling(breast enlargement)

Breast Cancer Cause

Breast Cancer

1. Increasing age: As the age of women starts increasing, the risk of this cancer also increases. More than 50 females are mostly cancer, but this does not mean they are less than 50 females Can not be.

2.Genetics: If a woman has had a breast cancer in a family, then that woman becomes at risk for breast cancer.

3. Early Menstrual Period: Women who have a menstrual cycle before the age of 12 start breast cancer risk.

4. Firstly, if there is a breast cancer, women who have had this cancer cerin their first place, then women have a higher risk of breast cancer(advanced breast cancer).

5. Later or NO pregnancy: It is at risk of being pregnant for the first time since the age of 30 or in women who are not pregnant

6.Late Menopause: Menopause after age 55 is a breast cancer symptom.

There is also a few other reasons which can cause this cancer

7.NOt being Physically Active
8.Being Overweight
9.Using Combination Hormone Therapy
10. Taking Birth Control Pills
11.Alcohol Consumption And Smoking
12.Certain JObs like Agricultural jobs, Job in Bars and Casino, Food Canning job, Metalworking jobs.

Prevention Of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Some changes in your lifestyle can keep women away from this cancer.
1. Avoid  Alcohol: Women who smoke alcohol and smoke only at an affordable price, are at risk of this cancer. So you should just lower it and if you can, it will be beneficial for your health previvor.
2.Physical Exercise: women should exercise 5 days in less than one week, which will keep your health tick and with them, you will be at least at the risk of this cancer.

3. Hormonal therapy after menopause: Hormone therapy reduces this cancer before taking the therapy.
4. Body weight: The risk of this cancer, due to the weight of the body, remains even more threatening, then you should keep your weight in mind for it.
6. Breastfeeding: Women who breastfeed have a high risk of this cancer.

Friends, from the above-given article, you feel that you have cancer, first of all, contact the doctor and start your treatment in breast clinic.
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