Chronic kidney disease: Symptoms, causes, and treatment

Chronic kidney disease: Symptoms, causes, and treatment(CKD stage 2)-If kidney work reduces in many years, it causes chronic kidney disease in it. The kidney failure in the last of the disease is chronic. Chronic kidney disease: symptoms, causes, and treatment. (ckd3)


Chronic kidney disease: Symptoms, causes, and treatment

When the kidneys (kidney issues) stop working, our bodies are destroyed by the removal of upstream substances and fluid in the body, which only damages the body. (and 10 chronic kidney disease stage 3)

Types of Chronic Kidney Disease

1. Drug and Abstinence

2. Dialysis

3. Kidney Transplant

8 Main Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease

1. Kidney Disease
2.Diabetes (diabetic kidney disease stages)
4. Composite kidney artery
5. Functional defects
6. Drugs and toxic substances
7. Cigarette
8. liquor

Symptoms Of Chronic Kidney(CKD 2) Disease

1.Daily Bad Habits related to Urine
A 2. habit of drinking less water
3. A habit of stopping clothing
4. Soda and Drinking Habit
6. Do not get enough sleep
7. To eat more salt or sweet

10.loss of appetite
11.Fatigue and weakness
12.Sleep problems
13.Mental acuity
14.Muscle twitches and cramps
5.Foot and ankle swelling
16.Itching constantly
17.Pain in chest
18.Shortness of breath
19.high blood pressure

Patient support for the treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease

1. Join other people with kidney disease: you feel comfortable(iris staging)
2.Maintain your normal routine: activities that you enjoy and continue to work
3. Talk to the person you trust: Talk about your feelings with your detainees


Is infected Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)- Yes, Chronic Kidney Disease (Chronic Kidney Disease in Hindi) is considered infectious. It can spread to people in the following ways: This spreads as a recurring kidney infection, also called (iris renal staging)pyelonephritis.

Medical and treatment-The best treatment for this disease is that if you look at the Symptoms contact the doctor right away. (CKD 4). If you want to know more about Chronic kidney disease then you can read Wikipedia - click here to read

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