Menopause And Joint Pain - Causes And Solutions

Menopause And Joint Pain - Causes And Solutions:

Today, people are troubled by the pain of clutter, due to this, it can be grown as well. But nowadays it can be of different threats. If this problem occurs in women, then it means not only growing age but also There may be other reasons which also have a menopause. (Menopause And Joint Pain).

Menopause And Joint Pain

Menopause Problem:

After the age of 60, the cartilage in the middle of the knee collapses and it starts drying, causing problems in walking. Sometimes these problems start coming before the age of 60. There may be other reasons for this as it can be due to lack of exercise, weight gain, calcium and vitamin D3 deficiency.

Problems After Menopause:

Apart from this, women also have a problem after menopause (menopause osteoporosis), which is called postmenopausal(early menopause osteoporosis) osteoporosis. Actually, after menopause, secretion of the female hormone estrogen in women's body decreases. The work of these hormones strengthens the audio.


Menopause And Joint Pain

The body weight is also responsible for this problem(premenopausal osteoporosis). In fact, shock absorbing articular cartilage starts to wear from overweight pressure. Cartilage is a soft substance made of protein, which acts as a flexible cushion between the two bones of the knee. So weight can also cause this problem.

Pain Diagnosis:

On knee pain, first, the patient is tried to relax with the help of medicines, a balanced diet, and physiotherapy. Knee alignment can also be cured with the help of many types of exercise and alignment correction therapy.

If you do not get relief from all of these then show a close doctor or a good doctor
All the information told by us is only domestic if you have a thirteen problem, please contact the good doctor.
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