Rashes Due To Pad Menstruation Cycle Periods

Rashes Due To Pad
Menstruation is a very important day in every woman's life. Women take seven days(period for 3 weeks) to sleep every month(period every two weeks) from Menstruation In this way, every woman should have at least 3000 days in life. It has to pass through. Most women about menstruation Rashes during periods ( Menstruation Cycle )Due to lack of proforma knowledge, he can not take care of his cleanness in these days. Because of which they become very sick. In this case, the problem is necessary for free periods. The correct information of the menstruation hygiene (first menstrual period) So let's know

Rashes during periods

rashes during periods

Take a bath regularly:

In these days you should take a bath every day. Many people believe that in these days, do not take bath and wash hair but there is nothing like that. Firstly, it was because first there was a tradition of bathing on the ponds of ponds or rivers, which Because of this, due to the accumulation of infected blood in the water during periods, he was infected. Your body will be cleaned daily by the bath, which will keep you safe from diseases.

Use of Medicated Powder:

You can use it, it will give you the healing power of your recipe, but if the problem is over, then look at some good Gynecologist.

Antiseptic Observation:

Problem seems to be over in the days of heavy flow (prolonged period), so rescue from the pads of the pad is necessary when the pad is swollen for more time,then it is rubbing with the skin,so instead of changing the regular pad during the period,despite having a rhesus, before sleeping Apply antiseptic appointment to the vaginal area after bathing.

Cleaning Mechanism:

Wazina has its own cleaning mechanism, which maintains a balance between bad and good bacteria. Most women wash with soap, which increases the risk of bacteria more and more. Therefore wash the vaginal area with lukewarm water, if you use soap, keep in mind that its use should be in a filled area.

Vaginal Region:

During periods, blood often gets accumulated in the vaginal area. It should be kept clean at some intervals, it does not start to cause the strange smell. Whenever the pad changes, wash the joints with water or clean it with a tissue paper and use the pad only.

Menstrual Blood:

As soon as menstrual bleeding comes out of the body, it seems to be infections that the danger lies in the flow of water. At that time there are moisture, bacteria and sweat particles present on the pads. It can be a risk of urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, and skin rashes etc.

Choose The Correct Method Of Sanitation Pad:

Choosing a good sanitation pad is also very important. If the flow (very heavy period)is more in your starting days then you should take a long and extra-pressure pad and take simple pad usage in low flow days.

  • Most of the sanitary napkins are either made of cotton, or from PVC mesh material. Every woman has different skin and sensitivity. Some have soft touch suits, some have a netted layer, so choose the pad according to your skin.

  • At the beginning of the period (period twice a month for the first time), the flow is more in the start date, so it is necessary to take the pad that can absorb the blood flow. (period lasted 3 days) The pads are of 2 type de and night. Where day pads are 17 to 25 centimeters long, Night pads are 35 centimeters or longer. The longer the pads, the more liquid absorbs.

  • The typical feature of a good sanitary pad is that it has the ability to absorb more moisture over a short period of time. The absorbed moisture should be locked in the central core of the pad. Meaning that you do not have to go out of your blood pad, this can help you to feel comfortable for the whole day.

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