Top 10 Most Common Female Health Problems

Most Common Female Health Problems: Women are separated from the body mainly due to this reason they also differ in the hormones. Due to this, the risk of diseases in the winters is more than that of men, then come to know that women are sick from an angle.


Most Common Female Health Problems

1.Breast CancerThe danger of breast cancer (breast cancer 20-year survival rates) is more prevalent in women, however, it is possible in 55 years of age but it can happen to 25 or fewer women. However, there is no cancer at the early age, if there is no correct treatment. Can take the form of cancer. Apart from this, they do not fully develop the breast and the cells grow in an arbitrary manner.

2.Vulcan cancer: This cancer occurs in the outer part of women's genitals. It contains irritation, itching, and bleeding etc. during urination. (chronic vulvovaginal candidiasis)

3.Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: In the lower part of the waist of the females, there is a burning in the tube leading to the fallopian tube B uterus. This disease has a stomachache, secretion of blood during menstruation etc. And this is why this disease happens to women (getting tested for zika).

4.Osteoporosis: In this disease, the bones become weak and they have severe pain (estrogen osteoporosis). This happens due to early menopause, taking more alcohol and alcohol and taking a balanced diet. Further, rising age may also be the reason.

5.Diabetes: Diabetes is a disease that has more prey women. Due to diabetes, women also engage in many other diseases. During diabetes, insulin is stopped in the body, in which the pancreatic gland stops functioning smoothly. Apart from insulin in this gland, many types of hormones are released. To avoid this, minimize intake should be minimized.

6.Cardiomyopathy: Diseases related to heart and heart arteries are often more common in women. Due to this, heart attacks are also present, this disease is less visible in women but in many cases, this disease is done to the vitamin. (influenza and pregnancy)

7.TB: This is an infectious disease. Usually attacks the lungs. But can affect any part of the body. At the same time, women suffer from weakness due to this.

8.Fibroid: Being fibroid i.e. neoplasm or tumor Today nearly 30 percent of women suffer from Fibroids complain. A fibroid can be from one to several in a woman. Surgery is done for the treatment of fibroids, for its treatment. And with this, the risk of infertility starts to be much higher in Women(HIV during pregnancy).

9.Cervical cancer: Increased lethargic cells on the inside and inside the uterus, causing blood secretion even after menopause. (female to male HIV transmission impossible)

10.Arthritis: In this disease, most of the pain in women knees occurs. When knee pain increases too much, it takes the form of arthritis, which can be cured through surgery. This disease causes pain, burning sensation, swelling etc. in the joints. (female to male HIV transmission cases)

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