Most Beautiful Indian Mehandi Designs- 2018

Hi Girls whats up, Today I am gone tell you and show you some beautiful Mehandi Designs and Mehandi designs images. So before we start lets starting some Mehandi. Mehandi also knows as Henna and used for decoration temporarily. In India, the wedding never completes without Mehandi and there are many festivals in India when gals adorn their hand and feet by Mehandi. You can get a simple Mehandi design or used Arabic mehndi design.

So, For that, we are collecting some collection of mehndi design. Hope you like this.

Mehandi Designs- 2018

Indian Mehandi Designs

Indian Mehandi Designs

Indian Mehandi Designs

Indian Mehandi Designs

Preparation of Henna (Mehndi)

  1. First of all, take wet or dry leaves of Mehndi and drink well.

  2. If this is not so, you can also take a panic powder in the market Nowadays.

  3. Now add little water and make a thick paste.

  4. For a nice color of henna, add 60 ml of lemon juice.

  5. Some people add sugar or even the petrol instead, you can also add all these.

  6. Now leave it for one day if it gets dry, then make a paste with lemon juice or water mixed in it.

  7. If this is not possible then you can apply henna even after at least 1 hour.

Generally speaking, people speak for readymade mehndi in the market, but they are mixed with a chemical which can damage your skin.

After the good drying of Mehandi, you started leftover juice on it and after that, gradually removing Mehdi, do the handwash. To keep the color of Mehandi for a long time, you should remove mustard oil and add mustard oil.

So these were some of the Mehandi designs and how to make Mehandi, in the next post something to know
about Arabic mehndi design. If you have any question then ask me for free in a Comment box, and you can also subscribe to our Blog Via e-mail.
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